Friday, September 7, 2012

OER - Unwrapping the Potential

Open Education Resources. Free. Online. Accessible anywhere you can access the Internet.

With the adoption of Common Core State Standards, Teacher Effectiveness Evaluations and Standards-Based Report Cards, fellow educators are scrambling to align already-existent curricula.  Along the alignment journey, gaps and overlaps occur.  This may leave some frantically attempting to create new lessons, new activities, new assessments...and, quite frankly, there is no need.

Why reinvent the wheel?  
I've begun curating a "meager beginning" of the mind-numbing supply of free OERs out there on the web.  This wealth of resources can aide educators in finding lesson plans, media and project-based lessons, just for starters...all designed to positively impact student learning. Several of these OERs are already aligned to the Common Core. They range across all grade-levels, all subject areas, all modes of instruction (small group, partner, independent study and whole group).  This is nowhere near a complete grouping, but it's a start.

Start unwrapping. 
How can these already-in-place learning tools enhance your classroom?  How can they simplify your life as an educator?  The potential is limitless.

I would love to learn of other sites out there that contain OERs to add to this webmix. Please add to the conversation in the comments below and share the webmix with your colleagues!

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