Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Kid on the EdTech Block!

Hey World!

Welcome to my EdTech blog.  Ah, summertime...a chance for an educator to reflect, learn, organize and rejuvenate for the upcoming school year.  Oh yeah, and shift career gears.  

After 20+ rewarding years in the classroom, I am stepping into the role of district Technology Integration Coach. So, instead of preparing for 140 8th graders this fall, I'm working for 1,800...plus, their teachers...and their parents. The potential of increased impact is simultaneously exciting and daunting.

Over the years, I've created websites (both personal and classroom), blogs (personal and professional), curation sites (curse you, Pinterest!), you name it.  Keeping up with a dozen different web-presence platforms was making me nuts, and the old adage of 
"too many cooks in the kitchen = nothing gets cooked" was becoming my reality.  So, it seemed like the perfect time to get my virtual office space in order!

In an effort to live within my mental wellness means, I'm building this blog.  I'm clearing out and reorganizing my previous blog, Diigo library, former professional website, and turning my classroom website and blogs over to whom they belong - the kids - thus focusing my energies in one place: here.

With this blog, I hope to share all things Digital Literacy:

  • resources for educators and students
  • research
  • grant writing opportunities
  • constructivist/inquiry-driven pedagogy
  • project-based learning (and other critical 21st Century Skills)
  • standards and assessments (Next Gen, NETS, Common Core, NAEP)
I welcome ideas, networking and professional development opportunities. You can always find me hanging around my PLN on Twitter @MiddleLevelEd.  Let the games begin!

Be Your Best,

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